Two heads are better than one, right? That’s especially true when it comes to solving the most puzzling crimes. We’ll look at five detective “teams” to see how the interplay of perspectives advances the plot and enhances the enjoyment of works by five very different, but very successful contemporary authors of mystery fiction. You’ll have two weeks to read each of the assigned books. Every other week, we will assign three or four short stories, mostly featuring a different “detective duo.”

This will be a highly interactive course, with short explanations, videos, author biographies and lots of time for lively discussion. Among the topics we expect to explore are the impact of differences in age, sex, class, race, ethnicity, and other factors in unravelling the mystery. Expect the unexpected: when we say “mixed,” we mean, not your average Starsky and Hutch! And we’ll explore the many and varied answers the group has to the basic question “What IS a mystery novel and why do you love them?”

Reading time for the short story weeks is about an hour. For the books, that depends on length of book, whether or not it’s a quick read, and of course, how fast you yourself read!