The course will look at the complicated relationship of the Palestinians and Israelis by focusing on several historic eras including the history of the Middle East; the history of Zionism and the formation of the State of Israel; the various wars; the current situations in Gaza and the West Bank; and finally various peace proposals.

Throughout this course, we will be selecting and presenting videos and other information that reveal the differing and often contrasting perspectives of Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans. Then we will discuss them by focusing on questions posed by both me and the class members. Discussion is likely to be lively but should always be respectful of the different opinions we are likely to have. I believe that there are misconceptions about the history of Palestine and Israel. By presenting various historians and others who, I feel, tell an interesting story I hope to offer new perspectives on this relationship.

Preparation for class will be minimal with suggested videos, articles, or books for optional reading.