The Supreme Court, The Constitution — Current Issues

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Thursday
Course Length: 10 weeks
Starting: 09/12/2024
Ending: 12/05/2024
Period of Day: Period 3 Zoom
Time: 2:15 - 3:45
Course Fee: $100

Course Description:

In this class we will consider recent controversial Supreme Court cases including cases on election ballots, presidential immunity, reproductive rights, Second Amendment, including the pending case dealing with Second Amendment Rights of persons convicted of domestic abuse, First Amendment Religious Issues, and the Electoral College. We will discuss these cases and cases pending on voting rights and their impact on the 2024 elections. We will consider legal issues related to the pending criminal prosecution of Donald Trump. We will spend considerable time on the Fourteenth Amendment and its interpretation by the Warren Court and the Roberts Court, and how they have changed in profound ways. We will consider the roots of the Constitution in the unwritten British Constitution and its influence on such important matters as the Second Amendment and other provisions in the Bill of Rights. We will consider in depth such concepts as “Privileges and Immunities,” “Substantive and Procedural Due Process,” and “Equal Protection of the Laws.”   The class will be lecture and discussion, in equal doses.  Weekly preparation time will be about one hour of reading assignments and optional review of power point slides.

Books and Other Resources:

An Introduction to Constitutional Law–100 Supreme Cases Everyone Should Know, by Randy Barnett and Josh Blackman, Wolters Kluwer, New York, 2020, optional.  It is an excellent summary of many of the cases that we will consider. I will send relevant articles as they become available.

Course Leader Bio(s)

Eric Rosen

I am a lawyer and have a Masters’ Degree in Education. In the Masters’ program, I studied Constitutional Law from a political science perspective. I taught the History of Anti-Semitism at LLAIC, at Temple Beth Elohim and the Congregational Church of South Dartmouth, MA.