The Joy of Winter Birding

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Tuesday
Course Length: 5 weeks
Starting: 11/19/2024
Ending: 01/07/2024
Period of Day: Period 3 In-Person
Time: 2:00 - 3:30
Course Fee: $50

Course Description:

So, you always wanted to be a birdwatcher (birder)! Now you have no excuse! This course will teach you how to identify the common birds in our area in the winter and give you tips to maximize your chance of seeing them, what equipment to have, and which guidebooks and apps to use. We will have one classroom session highlighting those birds we are likely to see in four field trips that will follow soon thereafter. This will be done by showing photographs of these likely birds, indicating their defining characteristics. Then we will go out in the field to see them, traveling to four “hotspots” for birding. The classroom session will be on November 19, and the field trips will be on December 3, 10, 17, and January 7. The trips will be to four separate locations. At least two classes would span most of a full day, with the other two of shorter duration.

Weekly prep time varies.  You could use the recommended materials to study the birds expected in advance to enable you to get more out of the course.

Books and Other Resources:

These are recommended but not required.

 Peterson, Birds of the Eastern and Central North America, Houghton Mifflin, 2002

David Allen Sibley, The Sibley Guide to Birds, Alfred A. Knopf, 2000

Merlin app for iPhone for identification by sight or song

eBird to track sightings and identification in your area

A good pair of binoculars for field trips is helpful. This site may be helpful:

Course Leader Bio(s)

Jeffrey Zupan

I have been a birder since 1958 and have traveled locally and beyond to see birds. There are over 10,500 species of birds in the world and I have seen only a mere 1,900 plus and counting, but have seen just about all those we can expect to see in eastern Massachusetts. Professionally, I am a retired urban transportation planner.