Foreign Affairs Discussion

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Wednesday
Course Length: 6 weeks
Starting: 09/13/2023
Ending: 10/18/2023
Period of Day: Period 1 Zoom
Time: 9:30 - 11:00
Course Fee: $60

Course Description:

Foreign Affairs is a leading magazine for in-depth analysis and debate of foreign policy, geopolitics and international affairs, with articles by academics, policy experts, and government officials.   Each class session will focus on three to five articles from one of the 6 bimonthly issues of this journal from the past year, with the Course Leader summarizing key points from one of the assigned articles and then leading a discussion of that article.. The articles selected for each class session, all drawn from one bi-monthly installment of the magazine, will address at least two different issues. Among the issues that may covered in the course are: the rise of China, the future of the Middle East, Russia and the War in Ukraine, the adequacy of U.S. military strength, lessons from the war in Iraq and from the Cuban missile crisis, the future of Israel, and the decline of democracy.   Weekly prep time would be 1 ½ to 2 hours.  Since this is a discussion class, it is essential that participants read the assigned articles for each class and come prepared to discuss them.

Please note that this is a six-week course, from October 25 to December 6, and will have the last meeting during the make-up week.

Books and Other Resources:

Participants are expected to purchase a digital subscription ($45) to Foreign Affairs, so that we will have access to all issues from the past two years.

Course Leader Bio(s)

Richard Mansfield

I twice co-taught a LLAIC course on policy issues (both domestic and foreign policy). I have co-taught many other courses: Justice and Morality; Why We’re Polarized, and The Case for Optimism, American Education in Crisis.