Foreign Affairs 2024 Discussion

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Thursday
Course Length: 5 weeks
Starting: 10/31/2024
Ending: 12/05/2024
Period of Day: Period 1 Zoom
Time: 9:30 - 11:00
Course Fee: $50

Course Description:

For each class several articles from the 2024 issues of Foreign Affairs will be selected for discussion. Foreign Affairs is a prestigious journal featuring articles by academics and policy professionals. Each class will focus on a key issue facing the U.S. President and foreign policy professionals.  The following issues will be addressed: the war in Ukraine; Israel, Gaza, and the Palestinians; China and U.S. China policy; Russia; and the U.S. role in the international world order. Although the presidential election in November is not expected to focus on foreign policy, there are major differences between and within our two political parties regarding the issues to be covered in the course. Democrats strongly favor supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, while Republicans are divided on this issue. Democrats are divided on support for Israel’s continuing the war against HAMAS. While Democrats favor a strong U.S. role in supporting and enforcing norms of international relations between countries, many Republicans do not.  During the presidential campaign, we will track the positions of the candidates on these and other foreign policy issues that arise.

This course, offered in the second half of the semester, will be coordinated with the first-half course on the history of American foreign policy, offered by Bill Brisk, so that connections between historical foreign policy tensions (e.g., isolationism vs. active world leadership) and present divisions between presidential candidates are clarified and explored. Both courses will be offered during the same weekly time slot, for the convenience of participants who choose to enroll in both. Participants are free to enroll in one or both courses.

This is a discussion class. Before discussion of each assigned article, the Course Leader will briefly summarize its key points.  Preparation time is about two hours per week.

Books and Other Resources:

Participants will be expected to get a digital or print-and-digital subscription ($40-$46) to Foreign Affairs.  All assigned articles will be from the 2024 issues of this journal.

Course Leader Bio(s)

Richard Mansfield

I have developed, taught, and co-taught several courses involving discussion of current events and policy, including a course like this one, but based on articles from Foreign Affairs, 2023. I have also taught and co-taught other courses, mostly in the areas of psychology and sociology.