Beyond the Great Gatsby: The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Tuesday
Course Length: 8 weeks
Starting: 09/10/2024
Ending: 11/12/2024
Period of Day: Period 1 In-Person
Time: 9:45 - 11:15
Course Fee: $80

Course Description:

Most of us may think of The Great Gatsby in connection with F. Scott Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald wrote over 160 short stories during his 20-year career and many reflected the post-World War I era’s newfound prosperity, consumerism, and shifting sexual mores—the period known as “the Jazz Age.” In our 8-week course, we will explore 24 of these pieces as well as examine the life of Fitzgerald and its impact on his writing. A tragic figure, it is said that Fitzgerald’s fiction seems to be anticipating his life, and we will look for these connections as we explore this 20th century American writer.

Each week will include about a 15-20 minute presentation followed by discussion of three short stories. Guided reading questions will be provided. Occasionally I may use articles found online.  Weekly preparation time should be about 1 ½ hours.

Books and Other Resources:

The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, editor Matthew J. Bruccoli, Scribner paperback. Available on Amazon.

Course Leader Bio(s)

Maryann Wyner

I began my adult life as a teacher, and after starting a family and managing a craft store, I returned to the field of education, teaching high school English and History and in my later working years as a tutor and a middle school library assistant. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Clark University and a Master’s in English from Simmons College. My last teaching position was at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall in Waltham, MA. Upon retirement in 2014, I found LLAIC, and here I got to teach and learn at the same time . . . and not grade papers or ask anyone to remove his hoodie! I have taught several courses, including Somerset Maugham’s short stories, Harper Lee’s Mockingbird and Watchman, young adult literature, the Great Migration in America, and the short stories of Mark Twain and Kate Chopin. I have also been involved in high school theater productions and the Lilac Players.