A Guided Tour Through James Joyce’s “Ulysses” – Part 1

Course Leader(s)
Day of Week: Wednesday
Course Length: 10 weeks
Starting: 09/13/2023
Ending: 11/29/2023
Period of Day: Period 1 Zoom
Time: 9:30 - 11:00
Course Fee: $100

Course Description:

James Joyce’s Ulysses is widely celebrated as one of the great masterpieces of Twentieth Century literature. Its indelible characters, epic themes, intimate realism, imaginative style, poetic prose, and unparalleled literary connections present a unique reading experience. The book, at 730 pages, is, however, a daunting read, unguided. Though the entire novel covers one day –June 16, 1904—in the Dublin life of its three protagonists, we will take a leisurely guided tour in two semesters through the emotional, cultural, spiritual, and psychological struggles of Leopold and Molly Bloom and Stephen Dedalus on the most “ordinariniest” of days.

This course is Part 1, covering the first half of this complex book.  Part 2 will be offered in the spring, and will complete our tour.

The format will be primarily a guided discussion of each chapter. Students can anticipate approximately 2-3 hours of outside reading each week.

Books and Other Resources:

The Hans Walter Gabler edition of Ulysses is recommended since it has line numbers for easy reference in class. In addition, the Course Leader will provide explanatory materials for advance reading for each class.


Course Leader Bio(s)

Rachel Alpert

I taught high school English and currently teach at Suffolk Law School. I have led lifelong learning courses on “Freedom of Speech,” “The Rise of Religion in the Supreme Court,” “Sex, Gender, Bathrooms and the Supreme Court,” “The Regulation of Food in the U.S,” and on James Joyce’s Ulysses.  I am an avid fan of great literature, including Ulysses.