Affinity Groups

Current Events

If you always want to be up-to-date on what’s going on in the world, then you’ll really enjoy our Current Events group which meets twice monthly. The leader moderates the discussion among our bright, knowledgeable and always opinionated members.

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If you love books, then you will find kindred spirits among the “Lit-Lovers”!

Our members select books from a broad variety of subjects, fiction and non-fiction, classics to contemporary. Our lively discussions are led by different members of the book group each month, the second Friday of each month.  We are a participatory, articulate group of people and are happy to welcome new members.    

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French Conversation Group

Parlez-vous Francais? Our French Conversation Group members may have lived in France or taught French, or may just want to use what they learned in college. The group, made up of intermediate French speakers or above, meets every two to three weeks for two hours. We select novels or short story collections to read aloud and discuss in our meetings.

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La Tertulia – Spanish Conversation

Spanish is rapidly becoming a second language in the U.S. Our Spanish Conversation group, La Tertulia, meets via Zoom bi-weekly and focuses on articles from Spanish language media from around the world. We take turns reading aloud and then discuss the content, vocabulary, style, world view and other relevant themes. Participants should feel comfortable reading, speaking, and understanding Spanish at an advanced, intermediate, or higher level.

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Movie Mavens

Remember in college when you watched a film with friends and then stayed up all night discussing it? That’s what our Movie Mavens do. Go to a film together once a month and then adjourn to a nearby restaurant to analyze it. During Covid we watch the film at home independently first, then get together on Zoom for the discussion.

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There are No Geniuses on Wall Street

All are welcome from experienced investors to those new to “the market.” Bring your questions, opinions and market insights. No actual money is involved and no actual investments are made.

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