About Us

LLAIC is a Lifelong Learning Collaborative based in the Boston MetroWest area.  Fall 2023 we will begin our tenth year.  Currently we have classes on Zoom and in-person at Temple Shalom in West Newton.

Usually we offer 25-30 peer-led courses per semester to our over 300 members.  Additionally we have a full schedule of special programs and events when we are not in class.  These are typically open to all our members.

What Makes LLAIC Different from Other Programs?

Over 25 courses to choose from each semester to spark intellectual and curious minds.

No-cost interest groups and social outings available all year round.

Special programs featuring knowledgeable and engaging presenters.

A friendly, informal, and welcoming atmosphere.

A member-driven, independent organization that offers many ways to be involved.

Instant verification of course enrollment after registration.

Mission Statement

Lifelong Learners: An Independent Collaborative (LLAIC) provides opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth, and social interaction for a diverse population of mature adults in a secular academic cooperative run by members who volunteer their time and talents.

Courses are developed and led by peers. The operations are conducted by a self-governing body which is democratically elected by the members. View our current board members and committee leaders.

Through our high quality courses and other learning and social activities, LLAIC hopes to enhance, enrich and extend the quality of life of its members. How we operate is as important as our mission, and we seek to guide ourselves according to the following values.


LLAIC is a member-driven organization which operates from the bottom up and the inside out. Participation takes the form of attending classes, programs and events and also in volunteering to help organize and lead them. Those in leadership positions act on behalf of the membership.

The success of LLAIC calls for and depends on open communication, mutual respect and transparency.

We aspire to a culture in which ideas are openly voiced but can be challenged, and where differences are addressed and resolved amicably.

Further, we aspire to mount intellectually energizing and innovative offerings inside and outside the classroom and to promote social interaction in our activities.

We are a tolerant, warm and welcoming secular community which strives to be diverse in political orientation, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion.

Finally, we are an affordable organization, sensitive to costs and with scholarships available as needed.