LLAIC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

LLAIC celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 4, 2024 with a luncheon at Temple Shalom in Newton.

The festive affair featured recollections from some of the founding members who were present at the luncheon. Don Bermont did a great job as MC, keeping us laughing and reminiscing.

Marvin Snider was presented with the first LLAIC Lifetime Achievement award for the most courses delivered during LLAIC’s existence.

The founders were given T-shirts honoring the critical roles they played in creating a vibrant, efficient foundation both for the courses and the many activities featured at LLAIC.

LLAIC 10th Anniversary Program
Picture of the tables
LLAIC members enjoy two anniversary cakes

A great meal followed by tasty cakes

Don Bermont as MC

Don Bermont Hosting

Chocolate anniversary cake

The chocolate commemorative 10th anniversary cake. Mmm.

Our Founders Provided Us With Stories about LLAIC's Founding and Continued Independence

Mike Segal

Mike Segal

Mike Segal holding Founders T-shirt

Mike Segal holding up T-shirt given to each founder

Mary Mansfield

Mary Mansfield

Jane and Joel Kamer

Jane and Joel Kamer

Founders no longer with us: Neil Bernstein, Alorie Parkhill, and Lois Silver.

Marvin Snider Receives the First Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo of Marvin Snider receiving award from Mike Segal

Marvin Snider receives award from Mike Segal

Photo of Marvin Snider discussing his experiences

Marvin discusses his experiences